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The Aquadome and Aquaversa are very similar products as far as filtration capabilities are concerned. The primary difference is that the Aquadome has a plastic housing and can only be installed on the countertop, while the Aquaversa has a stainless steel housing and can be installed inline, on the countertop, or under the sink.
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  • Multipure Aquaversa Kitchen Water Filter

    This is Multipure's most popular, flagship system. The Aquaversa is a stainless-steel masterpiece with impressive filtration capabilities.  There's plenty of versatility with the Aquaversa; it can be installed as a countertop...
  • Multipure Aquadome Kitchen Countertop Water Filter

    This is Multipure's best bang-for-buck system. The Aquadome only works as a countertop unit, meaning you need a universal-size faucet with a washer you can unscrew to install it. But...
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