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Multipure drinking water systems are some of the best water filters money can buy. They are a compressed carbon block technology, and have an incredible amount of NSF certifications. They are certified to remove everything from chlorine and chloramines all the way to pesticides and pharmaceuticals such as ibuprofen that are finding their way into our water supply.

Multipure has several primary water filter systems, each with its own benefit. 

The Aquadome and Aquaversa are similar systems, with the main difference being that the Aquadome is only a countertop unit, with a housing made out of high-grade plastic, where as the Aquaversa is a stainless steel unit, and can be installed inline, or with optional countertop or undersink installation kits. The Aquaversa is the most popular, bestselling system, while the Aquadome is the most affordable system. The cartridges that are used in these two units are very similar but not quite identical (they connect to their respective systems slightly differently). 

The Aquaperform is also a stainless steel unit and has all of the same certifications as the Aquadome and Aquaversa, with the addition of being certified to remove Arsenic V from the water. It's a great, high-performance system, and if you know your water source has Arsenic V, the Aquaperform is definitely the way you want to go.

The Aqualuxe is the top-of-the-line unit from Multipure. Multipure really feels that this system represents the future of water filtration technology. It's unrivaled in performance as it is certified to remove all of the same contaminents as the Aquaversa and Aquadome, as well as Virus and Bacteria. It has a built-in leak detector, and wifi-enabled capacity monitor which can be set to automatically reorder a replacement cartridge when your filter has reached its capacity.

All Multipure systems come with a 90-day money-back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty on the housing.

Multipure is a family-run company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. is owned and operated by Multipure Independent Builder #424074.

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  • Multipure Aquadome Kitchen Countertop Water Filter

    This is Multipure's best bang-for-buck system. The Aquadome only works as a countertop unit, meaning you need a universal-size faucet with a washer you can unscrew to install it. But...
  • Multipure Aquaversa Kitchen Water Filter

    This is Multipure's most popular, flagship system. The Aquaversa is a stainless-steel masterpiece with impressive filtration capabilities.  There's plenty of versatility with the Aquaversa; it can be installed as a countertop...
  • Multipure Aquaperform Kitchen Water Filter

    The Aquaperform is an upgrade to the best-selling Aquaversa, having virtually identical performance, with the addition of being able to absorb Arsenic V. If you're in an area where the...
  • Multipure Aqualuxe Kitchen Drinking Water System

    The Aqualuxe is Multipure's top-of-the-line system, offering unparalleled performance and features that we know of in no other water filtration system. There's versatility in the Aqualuxe in that it can...
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