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About Us

Vortex Pure Water offers Multipure Drinking Water Systems, the leader in water filtration.

Although our website was launched in 2018, we have been with Multipure since 2009. 

The owner of the website, Joseph Borowy, has been obsessed with water filtration for over 10 years.

It all began when Joseph picked up a book about Natural Health when randomly strolling through a bookstore. He was simply passing through when a certain bestselling book about "Natural Cures" was sitting on a shelf and caught his eye. He took it home and read it, cover-to-cover, in just a couple of days. It was his first exposure to natural health, organic food, and alternative medicine.

In that book, one consistent general-health tip was to drink only highly purified water. It was a simple measure that everyone could do to feel better and help the body detox and function at its highest potential. For Joseph, this made perfect sense, and he wondered how he had gone his whole life drinking tap water without giving it a second thought.

After researching many different types of filter systems and companies, and even formerly representing several other well-known brands, Joseph found Multipure in 2009, and has been a distributor with them ever since.

It's not everyday you find a company with the best quality products, reasonable prices, and family ownership that has stood the test of time for decades. Multipure is that company.

Having personally toured Multipure's Las Vegas company headquarters and having met most of the executives, Joseph is certain that there's no question that Multipure is set up to offer the best in water filtration for many years to come.

No other water filtration company we know of is as focused on quality control and independent testing of their systems as Multipure. That is the difference when you buy a Multipure system: you know it will perform exactly as advertised, backed by independent third-party testing.

All of our systems come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime warranty (as long as you replace the filter at least once a year).

Joseph Borowy is an Independent Distributor with Multipure (#424074).


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