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Multipure Aqualuxe Kitchen Drinking Water System

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The Aqualuxe is Multipure's top-of-the-line system, offering unparalleled performance and features that we know of in no other water filtration system.

There's versatility in the Aqualuxe in that it can be installed as an in-line system (such as connected to a refrigerator or ice maker), an undersink system (with the optional undersink install kit), or as a countertop unit, diverting straight from the faucet (with the optional countertop installation kit).

But that is just where the Aqualuxe's features begin. The Aqualuxe has a number of features that really set it apart in a class of its own.

Firstly, the Aqualuxe is a good-looking unit. Aesthetics were not forfeited in the name of function in the design of this unit. On the top of the unit, there's a status panel, which detects low batteries, remaining filter life, and leaks. The cartridge housing is a self-sealing, stainless steel pressure vessel, which allows for cutting-edge performance without sacrificing a high flow-rate.

Next, there's a wifi-enabled capacity monitoring system built in. That means that when it's time to change the filter, you can set it up so that Multipure will automatically send you a replacement filter and charge it to your card on file. This is optional, of course, but nonetheless an impressively cool feature.

The unit is also equipped with FilterSync technology, which means that the Aqualuxe can detect if the replacement cartridge you're putting into your unit is indeed a genuine Multipure cartridge.  

The replacement cartridges themselves are equipped with Quick Change technology, which means you can replace your filter with about as much effort as it takes to change a lightbulb.

Finally, we have an incredible new benchmark in solid carbon block performance with the Aqualuxe. Like the popular Aquaversa model, the Aqualuxe is certified in NSF standards 42 (aesthetics), 53 (health-hazard compounds), and 401 (emerging compounds such as pharmaceuticals and pesticides).

These are hallmark standards that have set Multipure apart for decades. But what makes the Aqualuxe so unique is the NSF certification for Protocol P201, which certifies that it will remove virus and bacteria from the drinking water. No other solid carbon block filter can make that claim.

The amazing breakthrough that allows the Aqualuxe to remove bacteria and virus is known as Pure Block technology. It effectively removes virus and bacteria with no chemical additives, extra equipment, or wasted water. Multipure believes this Pure Block technology represents the future of water filtration.

If you're looking for the very best Multipure has to offer, look no future than the Aqualuxe. It's a great, simple system without any wasted water, mineral depletion, or unnecessary, bulky components. It gets the job done at the highest level without any of the nonsense.

As with all Multipure drinking water systems, the Aqualuxe comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, provided that filter has been replaced at least once a year. 

Aqualuxe Spec Sheet

Aqualuxe Performance Data

Aqualuxe Manual


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