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Multipure Aquadome Kitchen Countertop Water Filter

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This is Multipure's best bang-for-buck system. The Aquadome only works as a countertop unit, meaning you need a universal-size faucet with a washer you can unscrew to install it. But for the price, it's a great value. It uses a solid-carbon block, and it has the same filtration quality of the higher-end Aquaversa units (see the link below for NSF performance data).

This unit is perfect for kitchen countertops, RV's, and offices. Its unrivaled combination of performance and affordability earned it a "Best Buy" rating in Consumer Reports' August, 2009 issue. Its filter cartridge is certified to last 750 gallons, or roughly 1 year in most applications.

If you're looking for an easy, affordable way to get the very best drinking water for your family, Multipure's Aquadome is a perfect choice.

The Aquadome is backed by NSF certifications in the following areas: Standard 42, which addresses contaminants of aesthetic concern; Standard 53, which addresses contaminants of health concern; and standard 401, which addresses what are known as Emerging Contaminants or Incidental Compounds. The Standard 401 certification means that the Aquadome will remove even trace pharmaceuticals such as Ibuprofen that are being leaked into the water supply. Not many filtration systems can make that claim. 

The filter housing is made of super high-quality, pressure-resistant plastic that will stand up to many years of use. Installation is quick and easy with a screw-in diverter that connects directly to your faucet. Its ease of installation makes it very easy to transport; simply unscrew the diverter, pickup, and go. You can reconnect it to any universal-size faucet, anywhere.

The Aquadome comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty, provided that filter has been replaced at least once a year.

Aquadome Installation Guide

Aquadome Spec Sheet

Aquadome Performance Data


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