If you're using or planning to get a reverse osmosis system for your drinking water at home, you may know that many systems utilize an Ultra Violet light as part of the system for effective removal of virus and bacteria. 

The thing is, these bulbs are expensive and must remain plugged-in, so they're constantly using electricity. That makes the overall cost to operate this one part of your RO system very high.

Plus, not everyone thinks it's a good thing to have your drinking water in direct contact with an electrical device. Yes, it is commonly done, but some people have concerns about the electromagnetic field's influence on the integrity of the drinking water.

If you're looking to be certain of virus and bacteria removal, there is a better way than UV. 

You can avoid the UV component of your RO system by using a Multipure Aqualuxe as a post-filter to your RO water. 

You would simply buy the In-Line version (without an install kit) and have your handyperson splice-in the Aqualuxe in-between your RO holding tank and the faucet. 

It will not only handle any virus and bacteria that may be lurking (as it is NSF-Certified to do), but it will act as a powerhouse post-filter for your water as well.

Many RO systems are effective at contaminant removal (although, I must point out that very few are subjected to independent testing). However, what happens commonly is that as the RO membrance is subjected to use over many months, it wears out and its effectiveness is reduced. More and more contaminants can pass through as it continues to wear.

That's why having a Multipure system as a reverse osmosis post-filter is a no-brainer choice for anyone that's serious about having the purest drinking water possible.

In most cases, the Aquaversa will suffice for effective post-RO filtration. 

But if you're specifically looking to handle virus and bacteria, the Aqualuxe is the way to go. 

It's also likely to give you far less hassle with maintenance over time. Just an occasional cartridge change is all it will require.

Going with the Aqualuxe over a UV light could potentially even eliminate the use for electricity in your RO setup (some systems have powered pumps and other gizmos, but many can be run passively if there is sufficient water pressure).

Yes, the Aqualuxe is Multipure's top-of-the-line system, so it is more costly than the trusty Aquaversa.

But when you consider the long-term costs of replacing the UV lights and more importantly, the constant use of electricity, 24x7, I think overall long-term costs in most cases are probably very close (it would depend on the exact light being used, its cost, and electricity consumption). 

The difference is, with the Aqualuxe, you're getting second-to-none post-filtration for your system, taking your final product water to another level of purity, and protecting yourself against the possibility of a failing or wearing RO membrane. 

Plus, again, it's just a much easier component to maintain.

So when you're shopping for an RO setup, consider the Aqualuxe in-line system over a UV light, and take your drinking water up to another level of purity.

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